At Tint Factory we use only High-Performance LLumar films, all backed with a lifetime guarantee!

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Automotive Films

We offer two types of automotive window films:

LLumar High Performance Metallized and LLumar Signal Enabling Ceramic. Both of our films come with a lifetime warranty and are available in a variety of shades. Click here to see a film simulator to see which is best for you!


Metallized films are composed of several layers, one being metallic particles which reflect the sun and darken the glass. In addition to the metal layer, there is a treated layer the denies ultraviolet light and also a scratch resistant coating. Having the addition of metallic particles in the film reduces the chance of de-lamination (separation of layers) of the film, increasing the overall life of the film.



Ceramic films have all the benefits of metallized films as far as heat rejection, de-lamination resistance, strength and ultraviolet rejection. In addition to these features, ceramic films do not interfere with electronic signals such as cell phones, navigation systems, remote starters or satellite radio. With more and more technology being used inside vehicles, ceramic films are the most advanced, allowing these features to work uninterrupted.

Residential/Commercial Films:

We offer a variety of films for many purposes depending on your specific needs! We offer free no obligation estimates for residential and commercial tinting. Feel free to call or visit us in store to see samples of these films.

Our most popular residential and commercial films are Reflective films, Frosted films and Security films, which are available in a variety of shades.

Reflective (mirrored) Films

Reflective films work by reflecting light in a way that creates a mirrored effect when viewed externally. This type of film provides a uniform and contemporary look from the outside, while reducing glare, ultraviolet light and heat transfer from the inside. Reflective films are ideal for homes and store fronts.

Frosted Films

Adding a frosted film adds a unique and striking look to homes and businesses, that compliments existing decor. A frosted film adds a level of privacy, without having to sacrifice natural lighting. These films are ideal for conference rooms, offices and washrooms.

Security Film

Security film provides a level of strength and safety to vulnerable glass. These types of films are made from a heavy-duty polyester, and are barely noticeable once installed. Security films provide peace of mind that in the event of a break, the shards of glass will be held together. This adds a level of safety for customers, staff members and merchandise, and are a deterrent for break-ins, all while maintaining an inviting atmosphere without bars on the windows. This type of film is ideal for store fronts and businesses.