Benefits of Commercial Window Tint



We offer a wide variety of films providing different levels of privacy depending on your individual needs. Adding a frosted opaque film will allow light through, without vision. This is ideal when dealing with sensitive customer information or stock rooms. We also offer a variety of reflective films, creating a one-way mirror effect.


Adding window tint to your business can greatly reduce heat transfer, in turn, reducing energy costs while keeping your clients at a comfortable temperature. Commercial window tint creates a barrier that makes it difficult for temperature differences to penetrate the glass, allowing you to run your heater/air conditioning less often.

Ultraviolet rejection

Ultraviolet light can very very harmful and damaging to interiors window displays, furniture, wall art and paint. Applying window tint to your business can virtually eliminate (>99%) these harmful rays.


Security film is thicker than standard residential or automotive films. These types of films help resist an impact in the event of a break-in or accidental contact. While no film can completely stop a break, security film will hold the glass in place, preventing shards of glass from hitting customers, employees or merchandise.

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